Top tank conversion for Batavus Regency?

I might be picking up a Regency this weekend and I'm wondering about switching from the step-through tank to a top tank. I'm so-so on the aesthetic of the step-through, but I love the way the top tank looks. Are the frames the same for both styles? Is it as easy as just getting the top tank and bolting it on? I've seen some creative weld jobs to customize a top-tank, but I'm hoping for an easier solution.

Thanks, in advance.

Re: Top tank conversion for Batavus Regency?

Sounds like you will then have one of each type. Whats your dilemma?

Is it that you want to convert one model to the style of the other or vice versa where you will then have two of the same?

Is it that you can only keep one model and the other must be destroyed?

Is this like a Schindlers list thing?

Somebody wanna shut that door before another model of this guy walks in?

Re: Top tank conversion for Batavus Regency?

If this is a legit interest......Bat Regency step thru frame is the same as top tank. All that is needed to turn a step into a top is the bolt on bar, and a tank. Hope this helps.....I have a bar, and tank if you need. I also have 2, m56 motors in running condition, and a shit ton of other parts for the regency.....LMK taking offers.

Re: Top tank conversion for Batavus Regency?

There is only one moped in this scenario. It is currently a step-through, but I want to turn it into a top-tank. I need to find a new tank to replace the original, and I want to know if both styles of tanks are compatible with the same frame. Further research seems to indicate that can both be installed on the same frame, but the top-tank style requires a separate support bar to be installed across the frame from front to seat. I found a support bar on eBay, but finding the top style tank by itself is proving to be more difficult. If anyone has or knows of one, I'd love to have a lead on one. Or if someone knows of a universal or aftermarket that will work with minimal to no metal work, that would work too.

Re: Top tank conversion for Batavus Regency?

Oh man, I literally just finished a reply to the previous guy. If you have a tank and bar I am definitely interested. If its cream colored, that would be amazing, but really I have no color preference. I also need a pair of rear footpegs.

I'm not sure of the model year of this Regency yet. I'm going to go see it on Sunday. Are the parts standard across model years?Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 12/30/17 03:53AM by sammywilson.

Re: Top tank conversion for Batavus Regency?

Pegs I got. Bar and cream color tank Ive got. Model years are the same. Offers.

Re: Top tank conversion for Batavus Regency?

Emil Kniemel /

Can someone post pics of this? I'm curious. I wonder if the bar could be used for other frames..

Re: Top tank conversion for Batavus Regency?


I picked one up on eBay. It appears to bolt with the tank on the front of the frame and also bolts some where under the seat. Assuming the dimensions are similar, you could probably fab it to work with another bike. When it comes in, I can post some dimensions.Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/03/18 06:43PM by sammywilson.

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