What's my Tomos junk worth?

Death From Above /

I've got a project in mind and would like to get a better idea of how feasible it is budget wise after selling off my current setup.

So let's say I've got an A55 with a 19mm OKO, 18mm MLM intake, 70cc airsal, treatmetric 1st gear clutch, new 2nd gear clutch with wtv stiffer spring installed in an A35 clutch bell, MLM Cali pipe, unlimited rev cdi, A35 crank. It's broken in and tuned...13hrs total run time. Case covers are mint, oil pump is installed and it's a kick start. Plus as extras a spare clutch bell with new 1st and second gear clutches (with stiffer springs) a ported a55 cylinder with new piston and rings (zero hours), stock cdi, a whole bunch of plugs, 2 A55 cranks, 2 new crank bearings, and some drive sprockets.

Soooo whats all this worth if sold as a package deal?

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