internet fraud

chuck russo va /

where can i report internet fraud to? i sent out a money order to buy a 99 ttlx motor off the guy cashed it on the 18th and i ahvent herd from him since, and on that same day he claimed to ahve checked his mail box and it wasnt there. i know of one other person that got ripped by this guy at the same time i did buying the same motor.

i called information in his town and tryed to look up the name and addrress i sent the money order to with no luck.

his name is

Joe Wright

220 #1401 tupelo tr

frankfort ky 40601

dont send money to this guy he is a scam

any help on getting this guy busted would be great

Re: internet fraud


Contact the local authorites where he lives.

Contact his Interenet Service Provider

File a complaint with the local District Attorneys office there.

Keep records of all your communications and particularly of the cancelled check.

Inform the other fraud victim of what you are doing and have him join your case to add more weight to it.

Hopefully the address isn't just a mail box. But if it is the authorities can use this against him.


Re: internet fraud

Hey Chuck, going to post office today and see if I can do anything. Yep Guys, I`m the other guy that spotted the scam, Doug D. (VA)

Re: internet fraud

InfectedBootSector /

Do you have a rec. of the money order you sent him?

Print out any and all messages you have from him.

File a complaint here: <a href=""> IFCC</a>

And get a written statement from the other person that got ripped off.

Re: internet fraud

Ron Brown /


I am not sure, but I think you can make a claim against the company that issued the money order, as they are supposed to get valid ID when the check is cashed.

If you claim the check was cashed fraudulently, according to the recipient, by some other person, the money order company may follow up, or tell you what you can do.

Read the fine print on your copy of the money order to see what you can do and who to contact.


Re: internet fraud

chuck russo va /

well i filed that complaint thing on the link infectedbootsector posted, i put dougd as the other victim cuz he was, and i included both or our contact info so hopefully this piece of shit will get nailed for it. i only lost 50 bucks but 50 bucks is 50 bucks and seeing how i dont have a job and im only 16 50 bucks is alot of money right now

Re: Posters from KY

Do we have any posters from KY?

A moped patrol on his porch might be all he needs.

Re: Posters from KY

you can call the authorities and the police and report him. do you live in kentucky? if not, he committed a federal offense by violating interstate commerce laws. check into that.

i'm not sure if it's really internet fraud ... it's just straight up regular fraud.

Re: 411 search

Tried that, figured you already tried. Bell-Atlantic has no # for a "Joe Wright"

Tried too nothing,

it's a nice day, I gotta go out. Good luck.

keep us posted about this jerk.

Re: 411 search

chuck russo va /

i live in va and he lives in ky so its interstate fruad, i think if anything happens to him it will be mail fraud charges because i sent the money order via us mail

i reported him to that site infected told me about, havent herd anything from the site.

if there is anyone on this board that lives in or near frankfort i would appriciate it if they stroled by his house and slashed his tires or what ever. im pretty sure he has come to this site or maybe even posted here. if he found i bet he knows of this site so just make sure u know who your buying your parts from on here

Re: internet fraud

Dan Webber Kastner /

check this out, i did a search for him in the Moped Owners directory.

Joey Wright ( he owns a tomos by the way)


Mopeds: 1999 Tomos Targa LX

Age: 23

Gender: Male

City: Lexington

State: Kentucky

Country: United States





go to it boys.

In case this is a weird coincidence here is the info for a Joe Wright in the same town.






swarm and destroy

Re: internet fraud

chuck russo va /

first number is disconnected, the 2nd one i talked to some guy he said joe wasnt home, i asked if he had a moped and he kinda played stupid. so im not sure if the 2nd one iis him

but i called information in ky and got another joe write in the same area

his number is 859 225-3997 no one picked up when i called. maybe he is screening calls? well its 6:20 so maybe this bumfuck low life isnt home from his job.

i saw we call 859-225-3997 and (859)268-8403 at all hours of the night and when they ask who is calling just say "the moped army"

lol im gonna call back from a few different numbers and see if i can get anything out of either of these numbers

oh yeah i almost forgot

chuck russo va /

hey dan thanks for taking the time to search around and get me some numbers and address i appeciate it alot

Re: oh yeah i almost forgot

merlin311 /

i'll be glad to let my computer dial up his number afew thousand times....i've done it to afew peeps that i've got scammed from everytime they hang up it automatically calls again luckily they get tired of it very quickly.

just do it to him at various times 1am 4am in the mourn you know when the little bastards trying to get som fukin sleep.

Re: oh yeah i almost forgot

before you start e-stalking joe wright, let's get secondary confirmation that the phone number is correct. then ... let's nail the guy.

Re: oh yeah i almost forgot

now you nkow his name stroll buy his house.. if you see a tomos just throw it in the truck.. keep your recipet if he tries to get you for stealing his moped.. just show the cops you had already paid for it. lol.

Re: oh yeah i almost forgot

I knew this story had been covered before..


Re: oh yeah i almost forgot

Mike (MA) /

Hey Chuck,

Sorry to hear about your problem. When you have a pretty good idea of which Joe Wright it is, give me the number. I'll be glad to figure out his sleeping patterns with you and the rest of the Army. Nice to see the Army flex it's collective muscle.

-Mike (MA)

Re: internet fraud

If he or any person took money sent through the USPS and never delivered any goods, a mail fraud complaint should be filed with the US Postal Inspector. Each count of mail fraud is a federal offense. Go to the USPS website for information on filing a mail fraud complaint.

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