Yamahopper QT50 with 3 position main switch.

Manx Mariner /

My 3 position main switch has gone bad. Any replacements out there or any way to repair it?

Key works to turn engine off. Key works in “Start” position, kick over and QT50 starts right up. Turn key to “Run” and the QT50 dies and lights go out. Turn key back slightly and the lights come back on. I used to be able to slowly turn the key to “Start” and the bike would run. But now if just won’t work.

Would a 6 wire/3 position universal key switch work to replace the OEM key switch. I have searched everywhere and the main switch has been discontinued. I found one for $130.00 but it doesn’t state if it is a 2 or 3 position.

Any help appreciated.


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