What about your first moped email?!

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My first interactions were mostly email, before I got MA. Looking back on the 1st treats message and first MA posts, I also decided to take the email trip down memory lane

My first moped email, summer 2006, I'd just graduated from Alfred with a Bachelors in Ceramic Science and was living in Knoxville, working at Oak Ridge Natl. lab.

I emailed a guy about a pair of motobecanes for $700. I didn't get them though, got an Eton Beemer scooter (zuma clone) instead.

Was over a year later I moved to ATL, bought a targa for 250, and promptly sold it a month later for 500 cuz it died a lot.

Then THIS email was where we al started. Before MA, before facebook, before we weer even a Yahoo group, this email began the journey to what'd become the swoops

From: Emily von


To: bikegaucho, my, Davey, James, blacksheephq, listedandsold, ceroakb, danielle, topher, graphicsmarc, pehuskey, Nathaniel, Sarah, Fred, me, Quinton, ke4hsv2, jmikejohnson, rockemdontstoc., self, awilburn, sickbrent, James, homie815, brennano

Hey folks,

Colin, Tom and myself are gonna ride around town a bit this coming up Monday evening. We were thinkin meet up at Tom's in EAV around 6:30-7:00... ride for a bit, then grab some food n drinks at Midway, Earl, Flat or somewheres up in the village.

Let us know if you think you might be able to join in our reindeer games. Hope you can make it... your presents will be appreciated! ;-)



Oh, this is not Colin's house we're meeting at, which is the regular spot. Tom's house is in East Atlanta, right behind the village. Hit me up for address!

Also a few weeks later we ran the first ever cabbage cup!


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