argh, how to remove side mirror?

Ok, I ripped the frickin grip off, but now I can't get the side mirror off. It screws into the left bar end, I can loosen it by loosening the lock nut but then it just spins freely. Do I pull on it? Is it disposable and not meant to be removed?


Here's pics, if anyone's interested:

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Re: argh, how to remove side mirror?

first of all, i'm glad you got your puch to start and that this website (and fred's most excellent guide) helped you out.

on to the mirrors ... as far as i know, you should be able to just pull the mirror out. i don't use mirrors, and don't especially like the look of that kind (i used to have the kind that mount on the handlebars themselves), but i think that kind is like a cork, you just "plug" them in and then tighten them to prevent them from spinning freely. now that you loosened it so that it turns freely, you should be able to just pull it out.

the reason i don't like that kind of mirror is that it requires you to rip a whole on your handlebar grip. if you want another mirror option, get the kind that clamps onto the handlebars. you can place them at different angles/positions and they are a bit cooler looking, in my opinion.

btw, you have a nice, sharp puch. oh, and the company is still around, from what i can tell. it's part of the daimler group and is based in austria. mostly, the mopeds you can get in the us are hero-puch, which come from india. but i'm very sure that puch is still making mopeds for the european market.

Re: argh, how to remove side mirror?

miguel is right. they are like a cork. just pull them right out, and your done.................paul

nice moped

I don't see a lot of Puchs like that, you have a really nice one. Please get a seat, though. That purple cloth is terrible.

Re: argh, how to remove side mirror?

Dan Webber Kastner /

I had a mirror that was a plug, but also had an expanding core. You had to hold on to the mirror with one hand, and with the other you wrench at the nut that is tightened to the end of the handlebars.

Re: argh, how to remove side mirror?

Thanks, got it off. I just needed to hear that it's alright to pull on the damn thing as hard as I can. It was.

Re: nice moped

I was about to say...I haven't seen a Puch step through with a removable gas tank, and that rocks! But that purple seat is very scary! :)

Re: nice moped

david f martin /

I dunno, the purple seat with the heavy rope kinda makes a statement. I mean, look at the rest of the house! This is an artist, not a vintage nazi gearhead. I think it's pretty cool.


Re: nice moped

Wrybread, I'm new to the moped scene, so thanks for having a link to Fred's Guide to fixing mopeds on your site. It's great! Now I know a little about what I'm doing as opposed to being clueless. -Greg

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