We need an IRC Chatroom

Reeperette /

Any thoughts on this, guys n gals ?

I am surprised it hasn't been brought up sooner.


RE: We need an IRC Chatroom

psychowulf /

Hell yeah Ree...

That'd be awesome to have around, might get us some international attention too because of all the chat junkies.

Well, here's hoping we get one.


"Look, keep talking crap about it and I'm gonna burn out on your face..."

-to a friend ragging about owning a moped

RE: We need an IRC Chatroom

We should start one on efnet. #mopedarmy. I don't have any bots or anything, I'm an irc amateur, but we should be able to keep control of that channel. I'll get on it and keep it open.

RE: We need an IRC Chatroom

which irc network? efnet? dalnet? undernet?

Re: We need an IRC Chatroom

Crasslily /

Here here! It's high time that folks with mofas that roll at well over 50 mph get a little respect, and a place to gloat it all out and pound thier chests about it. Wouldn't ya say so, Ree?

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