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Wassahhhhhhhhhhhh friends! Recently I decided to open my own business named "RVA Mopeds LLC" as of Sept 1st. Im the only vintage shop I know of within the tri-cities. Most of y'all have probably met me at some point at rallies or seen posts/comments of mine. I've been doing this as a hobby for quite some time now and love mopeds and everyone its introduced me to over the years.... I couldn't ask for better friends! The amount of support I receive locally from fellow clubs (Rebel Rousers, Hells Satan's, BlkBlk and Thee Buzzards), people across the states and parts dealers is heartwarming. If you ever find yourself in Richmond, Va stop in and say hi (1529 W Cary St, 23220 around back) and meet myself and more than likely meet others in our community that share the same passion as I do. Continue to spread word, refer and please also follow my business on Instagram and Facebook as "RVA Mopeds LLC". I look forward to meeting anyone coming to Smogsquad and Mono's rally "Smono 2017- Nothing is real" in New Orleans! Thanks all, Smog out!

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