New feature: unread post indicator

Simon King /

There's a new feature on the site that's easy to overlook, so I thought I'd point it out. In the forum navigation there is a little dot next to each forum, as well as the link to your PMs. If that dot is solid, it means there are unread posts. If that dot is faded then you are all caught up and there's no reason to click through to check if there are any new posts.


This feature will be most useful for very active forum users who read everything, or for people who utilize the "Mark All Read" functionality when they've caught up with everything they want to read. It's also useful for members who have access to extra private forums (e.g. their own branch forum) that might be low in volume and don't get new posts every day.

Note: this unread indicator refreshes every time a page loads, not every time you hover to show the navigation.

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