riding in the rain

is there any reason why i shouldnt ride in the rain?

Re: riding in the rain

Jamie Leonard /

No mechanical reason usually - though you might want to dry any rust collecting spots off the machine when you are finished, especially if its a regular thing. From personal experience I'd advise taking things slower and easier in the rain (especially watch out for smooth manhole covers, streetcar tracks... a moderate steady rain falling on smooth metal equals NO traction)

I'd also avoid driving through heavy puddles - but a moderate level of rain shouldn't affect the ped too much itself aside from the traction issue, and so long as you take things easy, avoid fast turns, keep a steady pace and be aware of braking differences (a lot of brakes will behave QUITE differently when wet... oddly enough mine tend to grip far more suddenly, which means I have to go a bit gentler on the brake lever)

Re: riding in the rain

thanks, it looks like i will have to drive home from work today in the rain. its only 6 miles, but then again thats a long walk.

Re: riding in the rain

david f martin /

I don't mind riding in the rain, as long as it's not too cold...

When it first starts raining, it loosens up the oil slick in the middle of the lanes, so you may want to corner a little bit slower. Also, if you get water into your airbox, your bike will tend to 4-stroke a bit more (as the filter gets more restrictive).


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