electrical question

can anyone tell me why my brake light stays on all the time? it doesn't change at all if i hit the brake either. it's a 12volt system. i can't figure it out.

Re: electrical question

its broken

Re: electrical question

david f martin /

There should be a tiny switch under your brake lever (on the handlebars) that turns the light on and off. Mine's got 2, one under each lever. Disconnect the wire from the switch and see if the light goes off. If it does, either the switch is broken or needs adjustment to the lever (do both sides). If the light stays on, follow the wire back and look for any place where it might be grounding to the frame.

Re: electrical question

my light on my puch is on when the wires are disconnected. It seems like it should be the reverse, but it isn't. check for shitty connections on to handle bar switches.

Re: electrical question

Ron Brown /


Kyle is right, it is broken.

David may be right, but on most peds Toehead is right.

The switches on the handlebars tie the alternator output to ground to turn off the brake light so any bad connection or bad switch will leave the light on.

Some peds also do creative things with the horn and the brake light.

As usual, make model and year would help get accurate answers.


Re: electrical question

Tim Daneau /

On my '79 Puch Maxi-Lite, the real light (running and break) always fails, i noticed this is happening because it wiggles out, only y millimeters, even withthe screws attatched, make sure it is complety in place...It may be the simplest problem you are overlooking..

tim (17/m/Mass.)

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