UPS Puch Magnum Wiring Help

Hi everyone,

Today I bought a UPS Magnum and I have some questions about the wiring. It has been sitting for decades and does not run. I haven't tried to start it yet and before i do, I want to make sure my wiring is intact. Under the upper right side cover there is a mess of wires with plastic connectors on the ends that have nothing to plug into, but no wires are cut.

Are these wires for optional turn signal stuff that this moped never had, or am I missing key components? Please help if you can because i am very lost. Thanks in advance!

Re: UPS Puch Magnum Wiring Help

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Those wires are for the turn signals if you're not going to hook them up just leave them alone

Re: UPS Puch Magnum Wiring Help

Thanks for the quick response!

Re: UPS Puch Magnum Wiring Help


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