Re: cops are A$$holes


What state are you in?

Re: cops are A$$holes

I live in New Jersey. This state really sucks too. They have a big thing with kids on mopeds a lot.

Re: cops are A$$holes

hahahahahahahahahahahah o man thats awesome

Re: cops are A$$holes

I'm in BFE, I mean West Virginia. I live in a city neihboring the capital.

Re: Stereotypes

but what about the people like me who aren't cops but are assholes? heehee...

Re: Stereotypes

david f martin /

As long as you aren't considering a job in law enforcement, you're cool with me...


Re: Stereotypes

Beth, any asshole that says hee-hee can't be too bad,

So you're one of the sweet ones

I think these guys are talking more about MAJOR ASSHOLES here on this thread


hey ! now Im doing it

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