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just hear me out.

i have an 82 honda c70 passport. it is a 72cc, auto-clutch 3spd with a top end of about 45 and 6hp. it has an electric starter with a kick backup. the electric system from 82 on is 12 volt. the bike is not considered a moped, but there are not enough resources out there for riders like me, i know. i end up in the local motorcross shop for tech questions, talk with hardcore harley guys and the little honda still seems alone in the dark. the ironic twist to my dilemma is that the c70 was derived from the honda cub, the most mass-produced automobile on the planet. it is still in production today in third-world countries.

i was hoping moped army would accept me as an orphan from the four-stroke genre. the majority of the members appear to have the knowledge and resources i need to get my honda single rolling again.

plmk if i am out of line.



RE: honda c70

Hey, I'm a stroker too! I'm a Honda SS50 owner from Holland. In Holland the 4-stroke moped was very popular in it's day and so there still are quite a lot of them around. I''ll give you the URL of the website of 4-stroke bike centre, they've got an international postorderservice There also great for advice:

I'm afraid the site is in Dutch, but you can adress any questions to his email.

The Honda fourstroke mopeds are considered to be the best mopeds of the world. They use half the feul a 2-stroke uses, the engine lasts 5 to 10 times longer than most 2-stroke engines and the driving comfort is out of this world.

4-stroke greetz,


RE: honda c70

Reeperette /

Ok, so it's not a moped, but the C70/Ct70 is primo, and I considered one myself a time or two....although it's a 'suicide machine' with high power-to-weight and a very small physical size.

It's a challenge to control it, but once you get good on it, there are many things you can do with it that neither a full on cycle nor a moped can do, and it's hella fun to ride.

Although the base of our little genre is true mopeds, I cannot see anyone sneering or refusing to ride with ya, we just ain't like that.


RE: honda c70

There are 2 good Honda sites that I know of where you might get advice and parts.. here is one.....

RE: honda c70

it's great to know that you guys are not (too) partial. thanks for all the help!


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