ACCIDENT Next step?

todd amundson /

About two weeks ago I was in an accident. I was on a somewhat fresh build that is registered in California but not insured. A driver parked on the shoulder to my right pulled out to make a U-turn across four lanes of traffic. As soon as he pulled into my lane I slammed on the brakes, turned the bars towards the curb and went over. I missed the car entirely but hit the pavement chest first turning into a scorpion. Driver stopped and plenty of witnesses were yelling at him. Ambulance came and took me away to the hospital. I broke a clavicle and two ribs but I hurt way more now than I did then. The police came to the hospital and stated to my wife and I that they could not site the driver of the car because I did not make contact with the vehicle. They also wanted my registration for the moped because he said they could not obtain any information off of the plate the moped had on it which was issued by the DMV 6 months ago. And don't forget about toxicology reports.

1 I was injured in an accident caused by reckless driver

2 Moped had no insurance on it but registered

3 I have the drivers information and witnesses

4 With medical insurance my bill for one night and ambulance is over $11,000

What's my next step or do I just eat it for not being insured?

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

Sue his insurance company

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

There is not much you can do...What about the bike...?

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

This is all so can they not cite the driver just because you didn't contact the vehicle? What the hell is the term "reckless driving" for then anyway?

I really don't understand it. If there are witnesses, isn't that enough? Are you in contact with any of them?

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

todd amundson /

I don't know about the bike. Someone picked it up and I have yet to see it.

I am not in contact with the witnesses I just have all their information including e mail.

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Not 100% on this but any legal action taken on your part could possibly be countered by you riding an uninsured bike if your state requires it? In MN you would have been cited for no insurance on top of your medical bills. @ Brandon, prob can't cite the driver as the police did not see the illegal move, even with witnesses everyone could be calling the cops every time they saw someone do something wrong, I could issue about 10 "citizen tickets" every time I drive anywhere, lol. Had he hit the moped an accident reconstruction could have been done, as it it is now it is just cager said/ mopeder said.

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

Did it get stolen or is it safe...?

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

todd amundson /

I'm pretty sure it's fine.

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

Sorry to hear about your wreck and glad you are ok.

Doesn't matter about the citation. Cops are not Judges. You should sue his insurance company to pay your medical. Once they get a summons they might just settle for paying the 11k.

Pain and suffering is on you though for no insurance.

A lot of people seem to just want to roll over but who the hell can take a 11,00.00 hit to their bank.

Fuck that. FIGHT!

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

sookia sookia /

yeah man, i'm in CA and my sis got in an accident side swiping a parked car due to a box truck getting over into her lane. No collision with the box truck. There were witnesses at the restaurants nearby. The cops were pretty much useless but once we got a lawyer they made sure all of her medical bills were paid, car fixed and a little something left over for pain and suffering.

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

You need to be talking to some attorneys a.s.a.p.

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

Jimmy Cauchon /

I don't know about ca law, but in mo, a cop does not need to be present to issue a citation. Also, I ran my truck up onto the sidewalk some years back to avoid a collision, that's when I learned that you have no accident to report and no claim unless there is contact.

I would talk with an attorney and see If I could sue for medical- if I had no insurance. In reality- because I have medical coverage, i'd most likely just think about ways I could get that asshole back, but then prolly do nothing.

Sorry to hear about your dilemma. That shit has to be frustrating as hell.


Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

Just an FYI but normally in a medical case that requires a lawsuit, your looking at 2-3 years before a verdict/agreement is met. You will most likely pay out of pocket until your claim/lawsuit is resolved. My cousin was in the same situation twice and both claims took 3 total years until he was handed a fat check. (edited)

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

i 800 got injury ftw lol... but seriously lawyer up and get yourself taken care of

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

It sounds like a civil action in small claims court is your only

option. But, it might be worth it in the long run. And, as

stated, speak with an attorney ASAP.

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Lawyer up. And moped insurance is cheeeeaaaapp. Get some.

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

Brandon Weiss (aka B-Man) Wrote:


> This is all so can they not cite

> the driver just because you didn't contact the

> vehicle? What the hell is the term "reckless

> driving" for then anyway?


> I really don't understand it. If there are

> witnesses, isn't that enough? Are you in contact

> with any of them?

This^^^^.... Make sure you get them hooked for future medical bills. Profile says you're 40, so quick healing doesn't usually happen after your 30ish. Bee n there....suffered that!

Sure hope you heal up 100% man! That illegal U-turn caused you to wreck,so sue and keep your wirnesses handy. don-ohio (:^Î

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

This is why dudes wear GoPro even just riding. Because laws are fucked and always favor cars. Sorry dude

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

I would call their insurance company and make sure they know what happened. start opening a dialog now with all parties involved including witnesses. Something similar happened to a friend that was cutoff, which resulted in him flipping his jeep over. No one saw it or stopped so he got nothing and he didn't have full coverage on his car either. I don't know how well I believe the no contact thing. Their action was a direct result of your crash regardless of contact or not.

Re: ACCIDENT Next step?

Nobody likes a bully. * /

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