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Oh, my sweet summer child.

Re: motobecane Moby 1980

Yep - shine up that root beer colour paint, give it a goodly port job, SHA15:15 and 15mm Malossi intake (derestrict it) and derestrict the stock exhause to experience the gate way drug of riding performance Mobys...

..keep the long seat, best seat for riding all day long and into the night...

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Thanks everyone for the input! I'm really thinking a classic look with a lil update will make this an awesome ped.

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Bruce Zapper /

Clean it up and sell it to someone who will appropriate it for what is was meant to be,take the money and buy one that is trashed .you will have extra money for parts.

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This one's missing a fork cover. The the fenders are dented. The chrome is shot. Every rubber part on this thing is rotted. This thing is trashed. Just cuz everything is mostly there and the pics make it look better than it is trust me. I got it out of the back of a pickup​ it was laying on it's side in a scrap pile. Guy said it was too cool to scrap so he called me. I keep a Facebook listing looking for mopeds going. I've got a really nice garelli coming soon thats mint and I will leave that one stock.

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I took off some parts and polished and used oven cleaner on the engine and cleared off a bunch of gunk. The paints not cleaning up as well as I hoped. The carb is leaking so I think I'm going to take the engine off the frame and strip everything for paint. I've got a list of new parts including white wall tires. Might look into getting some mag wheels as the chrome is shot on these and I don't think I can clean them enuff to paint. I took the seat off and am debating recovering it or replacing with a vintage looking wide bike seat. The forks are slightly misaligned and need rebuilt. (Anyone with info or links on this would be appreciated) I'm missing a cover on the left side of the forks I'm going to track down. Also need to look for repro decals for after paint. The cables are working for now but are cracked and rusted and need replacing. It runs great but needs some tuning to make it idle properly. Deff going to be a long process. Hopefully it will all be worth the hassles. I should have never sold my other peds I've had.

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Dont use oven cleaner on aluminium - just saying

Rebuilding Moby forks - for a full rebuild you will need bushings and probably the rubber gaiters at the tips of the forks. Likely that you will not need a full rebuild though (and better hope not) there are 3 bushings to each leg, stacked in there from the bottom up as bushing - 20mm long spacer - bushing - 113mm long spacer - bushing - top spacer 243mm long. You will need to get in there with a tool to pound out the bushings and spacers which are black nylon and are not very cooperative at all.

To take them off first undo the lower seal of the fork leg at the bottom of the fork tube. A good tool for that is a hose clamp around the seal housing, then attack the clamp, rather than messing up the seal housing.

Take off the french nut at the top. make a tool from a washer sliced in half and use it in a visegrip so it spans the center of the nut. Likely to need a bit of your fave penetrating oil there. Once the french nut is off the fork leg, spring and the top fastener can be withdrawn. If it is giving a fight then a little of your fave oil down the fork tube will help. DO NOT turn the leg counter clockwise or the top fastener can unscrew and get stuck inside the tube.

Once the leg spring and top fastener are out and you do same to the other side you can flush out all the old grease inside the fork tube with some kerosene or diesel. Wash the leg spring and fitting with kerosene or diesel. Use 220 plumbers tape to sand off all of the corrosion and hard crap on the leg.

(If you are pounding out the bushings now is when you want to do that)

(If you are replacing the gaiters then this is where you install them)

Grease the leg and the spring with some goodly GP grease and screw it all together and shove it up the tube and check that the little bumps on the fastener align in the holes at the french nut. Reinstall the french nut. Tight back the fork seal.

Danny at MopedLand in UK has the bushings and the gaiters (also the french nut, chrome covers and fastener if you damage any of those).

If you have a hate for the french nut you can always substitute a M10 nut, it wont look "wrong" unless a Moby purist is looking at your bike.

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"Leaky" is a Gurtner carbs middle name - time to get a Dellorto SHA on her - staying stock then a SHA14:12 with #53 jet and away you go. Or if you find a SHA 14:14 jet with a #56 on a stock motor, she will be a bit finicky though because the stock intake is 13,8mm so you might want to throw on a Malossi 15mm shorty intake. If you go for a SHA 15:15 on a stock AV7 you need to jet in the range of 59-62 (depends on the configuration of your motor) and you will need to use the Malossi 15mm intake AND derestrict the intake: where it transitions from round bore to rectangle it necks down to about 14mm and makes tuning a bitch.

Do yourself a favour and only use a cable choke carb.

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Thanks for the info. I was in the process of tearing everything down and found that the fork tube is slightly bent! I might be able to bend it back as it is slight and not kinked or anything. If not I guess I'm looking at a new set of forks. I'm not a purist so if I have to replace the front end with a diff type or model I will if I have to. I'm going with a custom look as this bike is not in the best of shape like I thought. The levers and controls are a bit beat up and might go with an upgrade there. This poor things exhaust is ugly due to someone. Welding a bracket cuz the stock one broke off I assume. Every bolt is Rusty and ugly so alot of time on the wire wheel ahead of me. I've done a few peds in better shape in the past. This one is just cool to me and want to build something cool out of it. I've got a lead on another moped a garreli that's in amazing shape from what I'm told but waiting on pics and a price from the guy. If it's in as amazing shape as described it will be left stock and just rode.

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