mission: i want a 2000 ciao

OK, it might be the drugs talking (I have a very wicked flu right now), but I thought I should share my mission to the forum in case anyone out there can help me.

I want a 2000 Piaggio Ciao.

Problem is, they are NOT imported by Piaggio into the USA, so I cannot get one. I do have a few ideas, however, on how I can get one. My plan right now is to look for someone w/ a yacht. This person would have to go to Italy (perhaps for a vacation or something) and purchase a 2000 Ciao (brand new). I don't think they'll have any problems bringing it on board their yacht and coming back to the USA. I'd also really appreciate it if they could bring it to Bay City in the Lake Huron (Greak Lakes) or anyplace where I could then pick it up. I'd pay for the Ciao, of course.

Do any of you know any other means by which I could get a new Ciao? Or perhaps you know someone w/ a yacht who could help me out? Either way, please let me know. I'm very serious when I say that I want a 2000 model Ciao.

Most people around here think I'm nuts ... but I am really working on a plan of action to get the best Italian moped (and hence the best moped period) ever made into my possession.

RE: mission: i want a 2000 ciao

Simon King /

i would be one of those people that thinks your nuts. however, i heard an interesting story the other day about how people in the 70's would fly to germany, buy VW cars there, drive them around for two weeks and ship them back -- all for the same price as just buying the car in the US. It was mentioned that this was possible because of the value of the American dollar at the time.

So maybe if the dollar goes up again you could afford to make it into a vacation.

Personally I'm holding out for the 2001 model...

RE: mission: i want a 2000 ciao

I'm already planning a trip to Europe soon enough ... if I don't get a Ciao before then, I'll get it when in Italy and try to come back by boat and bring it w/ me. That should work.

But I still want to know if anyone can help me get a 2000 Ciao ... or a 2001 model. That would also be nice.

RE: mission: i want a 2000 ciao

What simon is talking about is European delivery. I know that some manufacturers still do that today.

RE: mission: i want a 2000 ciao

I've contacted Piaggio itself ... they don't seem to want to ship anything to me individually. I'd have to find someon in Italy itself. But I'm looking into that as well ... any other ideas?

RE: mission: i want a 2000 ciao

Well of course.. you are nuts..but.....

Yeah... check and see if they already sell them in Canada.. Canada USED to get all the cool European motorcycles we couldn't get.. it wouldn't be all that hard to get one across the border as a used vehicle... brand new is a different story.

You might also try looking in an internet directory for a Canadian motorcycle importer in Toronto who does what is called "gray market" importing.. and ask what the chances of getting a Ciao would be.. the easiest way to get it into the US is as a used vehicle.. so what they can do is sell it to his wife and then sell it to you as "used".. it'll cost you more though.

One word of warning...... be careful at the border... they won't hesitate for a second to toss you in jail if they think you are trying to pull a fast one on them.. and they will do it just to teach you a lesson.. and then you get to pay some fines.. and your Ciao gets more expensive.

It wouldn't hurt to call BOTH US Customs and Canadian Customs first and ask them the rules........ I got in trouble this summer at the border trying something similar.

What I want to know is what makes this Ciao so special?

Got any links to a picture?

RE: mission: i want a 2000 ciao

Reeperette /

Get a Sympathetic Italian who is mechanically inclined to buy it for you, take it completely apart, and ship it to you in little bitty pieces.

Provided you know how to put it back together, of course.

Not sure of the legality of this, but I have seen it done.


RE: mission: i want a 2000 ciao

Well, I don't want to have to put it back together. I want the whole thing. As far as I know, they aren't available in Canada either. But I could check. Another way to avoid customs would be to bring it by boat ... so now I need a person w/ a large boat (perhaps not a "yacht") to bring it through the Great Lakes. Or I could try to ride it across the border myself ... I'd do it at Windsor and pretend that I'm just visiting or something ... but I don't have Canuk ID ...

Why is the Ciao so special?! WOW! Check out the Piaggio website for details <piaggio.com> and you can see the pics. Also, there are pics of the 2000 model on the Moped Army site. Basically, it has THE classic moped/Ciao look even today, but it has some nicer frame metals and things ... such as floating shocks (so it doesn't look like it has shocks!). The bike rocks.

My preference is for the "espresso" (coffee) colored Ciao. But I'm sure I would be happy w/ any one if I could only get my hands on one. I'm thankful for the ideas ... now I can develope multiple strategies. If you could also give me names of possible contacts, that'd be great also.

RE: mission: i want a 2000 ciao

Hey Miguel, I'm in Canada and the one moped place I know of is www.torontomopeds.com. Good Luck!

RE: mission: i want a 2000 ciao

Yeah, I checked w/ torontomopeds.com, but they sell Tomos. But I sent them email inquiring about the Ciao. I've also emailed Scooterworks in Chicago, which is a Vespa dealer. I'm still waiting to hear from them. I also (again) emailed Piaggio and Piaggio-USA.

But I want a 2000 Ciao!!!!!!!


Looks a whole lot like my 79 Honda PA-50... cept it has the cast wheel's and a different hdlgt shape...otherwise it's a 98% match.(so to speak)

RE: chow

You've got to be kidding me! No disrespect to the Honda PA-50 ... but the Ciao is much more supreme. Did you see it on the Piaggio website? You surely must. ;-)

new mission (for you)!!!!

If you'd like to make a stand for mopeds ... email <info@piaggio.com> and ask them to ship the new Ciao to the US! If enough people do it, maybe they will! Then I (and others!) can get a new Ciao!!! Rock!!!

RE: new mission (for you)!!!!

Simon King /

what's the email address? i could go to the site, but i want to make sure that we're all emailing the same address so that the same eyes see it over and over again.

RE: new mission (for you)!!!!

Oh, yes, email Piaggio at:


Their website is http://www.piaggio.com

It's a pretty nice site, w/ a link to the Piaggio-USA branch. but we should email BOTH (which is what I did).

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