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What exactly is the point? -replies are eagerly awaited.

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What exactly is your question? - Clarifications are eagerly awaited.

the point

The "point"....... is at the end of a long narrow object...... generally considered to be right about where somethingness becomes nothingness.

The more gradually the somethingness becomes nothingness the more "pointy" the object is considered to be.

Hey..... You asked............bahah!


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1. What exactly is "the lifestyle" the moped army mission statement mentions?

2. Why are a bunch of teenaged/twentysomthing people chasing a 16 year old?

3. Is Fourth Coast Cafe the "headquarters" for this gang?

4. What are the demographics of this gang?

5. Do the Police actually take these calls seriously? Have they taken note of the gang formation inside the vine street neighborhood?

6. We ALL know where you live.

RE: Clarifications


OK, the "lifestyle" of the Moped Army is really just one of young people who love mopeds and enjoy the comraderie or spending time together fixing and riding mopeds around town. There are some similarities in terms of musical taste, computer savy, and other such things. But that's about it for the "lifestyle" bit. Pretty much a somewhat Bohemian lifestyle counterposed to the "typical" bourgeoisie college student and their Abercrombie & Fitch personalities.

If by a "16-year old" you are refering to the incident where we helped track down and arrest a vandal, then we are very proud of that. This person was spotted a few days earlier by Moped Army members and several dozen stolen bicycles were recovered and turned over to the police. They thanked us for that. A few evenings later, this person vandalized a moped. We tracked him down and waited for the police to arrive. He was never touched or threatened in any way. We only kept him in line of sight until the police arrived and handled it appropriately.

The Fourth Coast is not headquarters, though it often becomes "Moped Central" when several members are present to study, drink coffee, or play chess. Some members also work there, and since we tend to live in the neighborhood, we tend to also hang out there to study and relax.

As for demographics: most of us are in the young 20s, though there are some younger members. About 33 percent are female.

Yes, the police take our calls seriously. They have actually asked us to call them any time. We help prevent crime and have even been asked to help them on occassion. All our mopeds are registered and we abide by the laws when riding them. They appreciate that. We have also helped them fight fires and take care of people found lying drunk in the middle of the road whenever we were the first on the scene. So, in short, the police in Kalamazoo really like us and know most of us as reliable people they can call on for help if necessary.

I'm glad you seem to think that "all" of you know where we live. Who is this "all" you speak of? We don't try to hide ourselves from anyone, if that's what you meant. We are proud of our mopeds and so we don't hide anything like that.

Finally, I'm glad you found our forum and express interest in our organization. I sure hope you don't have any bad ideas about who we are or what we do. That would be most unfortunate.

Swarm and Destroy!

RE: Clarifications

BTW, Heather ... er, Claudia ... interesting website ...

RE: Get one!


You should get yourself a moped and find out for yourself.

Although I'm twice the age of the "demo" group and am in California, I respect the Army's way of keeping these relics of the Carter Era alive for others to enjoy.

Fewer people give a damn about their vehicles anymore with all the computer controlled plastic EPA/DOT approved transportation units nowadays. Mopeds require a little understanding and determination from their owners as many have not been available in over 20 years.

If this bunch can keep these machines alive and contribute to society, what's wrong with that?

I'm sure it would be more fun than sitting around a Country Club wih all the boring rich people.


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