Vespa moped performance help!!

I have a 77 Vespa Ciao that tops out at 20MPH.Whats the problem?If anyone knows where I can find performance parts for this thing please let me know.Thanx.....Wolfman

RE: Vespa moped performance help!!

I'm not sure if the ciao is suppose to go much faster than 20. I have a friend that has one and it

RE: Vespa moped performance help!!

blablabla a ciao can go over 40mph (70)kmph and you can even go fater than that like 70 or 80 mph ,but that costs a lot and your bike isn't build fot that speed but 40 is no problem for a ciao

RE: Vespa moped performance help!!

I'm sure the CCiao COULD go 40mph. But, in my opinion, 30mph is the fastest you'd want to go, especially considering that the Ciao has NO SHOCKS. Don't get me wrong, I love the Ciao. But it's a short cruising moped, not a high/fast cruiser. Think of the Ciao as a small Fiat (not very fast, but cute and reliable) and something like a Garelli Sport as a Ferrari.

Now, the new 1999 and 2000 Ciaos ...... from all I've heard, they are AWESOME!! I'm still trying to get one in the US, but they don't import them hear. Those go much faster and do have shocks for a smoother ride. Check out

And, as always, please let me know if you can get one to the US for me. I'm dying to get one!!!

As for more speed. I've been convinced now about getting larger carburators and piston/cylinder sets. That did the trick on my Bianchi. But 20mph is a pretty respectable speed.

RE: Vespa moped performance help!!

Oh yes, 40 is ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM for a ciao... ;-)

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