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I am starting my new web page at It is far from finished but i would like to know of any mistakes or suggestions.

Re: New web page

Hey kyle- The site is coming along.

I have made a site for Honda Express bikes.

If you want to start a links page or something.

good luck on the site

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VespaCIAO /

I have done a little with websites as well as working for a company as their "webmaster." Your graphics are kinda slow to load if you own Adobe Photoshop or software like it you can "Save the pictures for Web" which will reduce the quality so that they look good still, but load quicker. If you need me to do it I would be more than happy to help a fellow moped'er out. Check out my site if you need any help or ideas - - > I will be happy to help you do some designing parts or get code, I have some awesome ideas. I also have access to some sweet forums if you would like them. Give me an email or whatever if ya want.

AIM - ChrisALee85.


Yahoo - Chrislee85

Message me at any of those and we can chat.



Re: New web page

Incredible Job On All The Webpages. Good Luck for future additions to all of the pages.


Re: New web page


Your graphics are great but you need some text editing. The most obvious problems are spelling.

It's "difference," not "differance."

It's "exhaust," not "exaust."

At the risk of starting another debate, I have to tell you that your comment about two-stroke pollution is wrong. Based on PURE EXHAUST CONSIDERATIONS (please, let's not all get into a renewed argument about resource usage), a 50cc two-stroke puts out much more pollution than any relatively new car. Even with four, six or eight cylinders, any properly running car built in the past 15 years isn't going to even approach a moped's level of smog-inducing exhaust.

To have a credible site, populate it with facts, not propaganda. If you want to expound on the benefits of a moped, talk about fuel usage per passenger mile. At least there you can score some "green" points.

Keep up the hard work!

Re: New web page

thanx, ill fix those problems soon. and i took out the comment about pollution. as for spelling, i cant spell if my life depended on it so id apresheate (thats the proof) it if you guys could gimme a heads up on any errors

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