Puch Saddlebag Saved!

This bag was majorly ripped at the bottom seam. It looked like a lost cause. On a whim, I took it over to my local leather repair shop to see if it could be fixed. For only $15, he was able to resurrect it. It looks as good as new. With it's mate, I now have one good Puch saddlebag set left for my wife's Maxi-Luxe.



Re: Puch Saddlebag Saved!

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Wow!! Good save dude.

Re: Puch Saddlebag Saved!


There's only a limited number of these 35+ year old bags around. You gotta at least try to save them before you trash them.

Re: Puch Saddlebag Saved!

Nice, it is amazing what can be repaired, there is a leather company here in Mpls, that takes in work form several surrounding states and most every cleaners in MN, some of the work I have seen from them is amazing, people are too quick to trash things, the art of "saving" is fading.

Re: Puch Saddlebag Saved!

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

Re: Puch Saddlebag Saved!

Andrew Squiggman /

somewhat related but actual picture

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