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i have been looking at doing a pedal to kickstart conversion on my peugeot 103 sp 1978 since i got it, i want it to look stock as much as possible, here is my bike currently.


i saw buzzeti made a conversion kit for peugeots and other makes in the past but the are no longer available. i saw cheetachrome made a pullstart kit which is not what i wanted an also asked him if he would make a similar kit to the buzetti to be sold on treats or somewhere but he was not so keen.

this is the buzzeti kit no longer in production and bezzeti say they have no plans to make it again.


i plan to remove the pedals and fit treats foot pegs 16mm to the driveshaft ends however modify the flywheel side pedal to be a kickstart arm.



Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103


part 2

the peugeot uses a chain drive to transfer the pedal kick action to the rear wheen and in turn drive the drivebelt and turn the engine.

i am fortunate in that my pug starts with quater of a kick from the 1pm position on the crank


, the method i am going to use wouldnt work on a moped you have to sit on and pedal to make it fire up.

i have fabricated a steel bracket which will stop the pedal from moving when the moped is in use as it wont be able to move clockwise past a certain point and my foot on the foot peg will want to put pressure clockwise to keep the remaining pedal/kickstart arm in pace, i pan to remove all chrome from the pedal arm and paint black.

this will require welding to the swing arm by the pedal crank



Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

part 3

i will then weld a small section of 16mm steel round bar to the remaining kickstart pedal circled in white this will then support the 2nd foot peg.


the position you see in this pic will be the kickstart rest point when in use held in place by inertia and the bracket, it can then easily with my foot be moved into the 1pm position and kickstarted.

i intend to remove the actual pedal from the arm an again weld some 12mm bar in place of the pedal to support the kick rubber which is from a BSA

it will all be painted up black to finish off appart from the nice shiny new kickstart pegs.

the buzzeti kit had a spring return which i may need to add but i will see how it goes.

just waiting for the pegs to arrive to the UK from treats and i will get it all done and post up here.


Manchester UK(edited)


Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

This is cool I think. Would the kickstarter still utilize the stock pedal start shoes?

Wait now I'm confused. So the kicking arm would face forward toward your toes when your riding with your foot on the aluminum pegs?

Maybe if you drew a picture.

Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

Kickstsrt will utilise start shoes as normal and during riding will be horizontsl with the swing arm prevented from moving clockwise by the fabricated bracket


Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

Chetahchrome rough drawing as requested as you can see my drawing skills are bordering on a 5 yr olds


Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

Nice, but your still just pedal starting your bike no matter how you dress it up.

Also extending your pedal shaft with a welded rod to support the weight of a bouncing rider would be very dangerous even for the most experienced metal fabricator.

Be very carefull at this point. I like the way your rethinking on this modification, keep posting pics and a video will be great.

Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

Yeah i know its still pedal starting but it won't look that way to the untrained eye the peg rod will be welded onto the peda crank end by the cotter my fabricator says this will be about an inch of weld which will hold my weight no problem

Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

I see. I cant wait to see it all complete. Good mod.

Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

All welded and re attached just waiting for treat foot pegs to arrive poss cut down the silver coloured foot peg 16mm rod and when the paint is dry add the bsa kickstart rubber.

May still have to add a spring of some kind yet to stop the pedal falling with gravity towards the floor but that will be easy if so just need to find the right spring something like this fitted in the back of the crank will probably do it



Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

Spring should fit right in the dish of the sprocket ;)

Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

All done.

kickstart is in the ride position in the picture attached.

To start i just move it forward, kick and return it Back to the bracket it rests on.

Nice new treats foot pegs and new chrome side farings from french ebay 40 € delivered to uk


Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

This is the link on french ebay for the chrome peugeot 103 side panels

Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

WOW! that looks fantastic. I like how you two toned the frame in the middle too.

Remember, no trick riding on those pegs.

Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

The two tone was to cover rust as when i restored it i didnt want to take away the original paint and where i sprayed black was the worst worn so got away with it. Thanks for the like cheetachrome.

Re: Kickstart conversion Peugeot 103

how 'bout a vid of you starting it?

nice work!

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