batavus specs????

Does anyone know the specs for the laura M48 engine or where I can find them? Specifically I need to find the main crankshaft bearing and seals sizes. As well, I need to get new rings and brake shoes, but the only place I've found them is and I'd like to compare a few places before I buy.



Re: batavus specs????

Reeperette /

The guy you wanna ask is Brian Lamborn, who posts here sometimes, but the URL i have for his page doesn't work anymore.

Some folks might have the new URL I do not know.

Guys ?

(The "miniengine" page, if you would...)


Re: batavus specs????

Check that link out, I think you'll find what you need... if not, email the site owner, he'll be able to help you out.


Re: batavus specs????

Did you ever stretch the frame on your hs-50?

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