great vespa obsession quote

"Thus the Vespa came to be linked in my eyes with transgression, sin, and even temptation - not the temptation to possess the object, but the subtle seduction of faraway places where the Vespa was the only means of transport. And it entered into my imagination not as an object of desire, but as a symbol of an unfulfilled

desire." - Umberto Eco

RE: great vespa obsession quote

i think you are biased lavange.

RE: great vespa obsession quote


Where did you get that quote?! Eco is a very famous political philosopher of the Critical Theory tradition. But he is Italian ... either way it was cool! ;-)

RE: great vespa obsession quote

Cleats Onionpockets /

Bump....because this is a great quote....just insert Moped where Vespa goes.

P.S. Oldest post....ever.

RE: great vespa obsession quote

According to Umberto Eco, it's not the Vespa itself I want, but the freedom and mobility it represents!

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