'94 Tomos sprint won't run


I am posting a forum for one of my friends. He has a 1994 Tomos Sprint. It wont run. It was running like a year ago, then his throttle cable broke and he stopped riding it. Its been sitting in his shed for the past year. What should I do to make it run again? And how do you fix the throttle cable side that goes into carb.? Please help me and e-mail me back. Thanks.

And where can I get cheap parts for the moped?


Re: '94 Tomos sprint won't run

Ron Brown /


This was a bad post.

You say what is broken, then ask what you should fix...well...duh!...whatever is broken.

For general info, see Fred's guide under resources, articles.

I understand that Tomos carbs are hard to remove, ree has posted detailed instructions on here that you can search for.

Look at the ped and ask some specific questions. If you get off your ass, we are more likely to get off ours and try to help.


Re: '94 Tomos sprint won't run

Seth found out what might be one of the many problems on this moped. The CDI unit is broken. Are those hard to replace? I do not know what a CDI unit is, but that is what he told me. Also, how do you replace an entire throttle cable? I do not understand how you put it through the carb.



Re: '94 Tomos sprint won't run

Ron Brown /


Try an appeal to Ree, or do a search. I am sure he has described both of these before.


Re: '94 Tomos sprint won't run

Reeperette /

>>Seth found out what might be one of the many problems on this moped. The CDI unit is broken. Are those hard to replace?<<

No, just expensive as hell....mind make very sure that's what the problem is, first - if you are getting weak or intermittent spark however, it's a pretty good bet.

But try replacing the $2 spark plug instead of the $200 CDI unit and see if that helps.

If it does not....then let me know and I will explain how to replace the CDI Unit, with or without a flywheel puller.

As for how to put the throttle cable through the top of the carb, that's not very easy, and you really do have to pull the carb to do it.

Also, if it's a NEW cable, you might have to slide the entire cable out of the sheath and run it backwards through the "72 degree noodle" at the carb top, and then put the sheathing back on, which is a hassle, but often the only way to get the cable into the carb right.

When yer done, the little "ball" end should be where it will be inside the carb when the unit is put together and from there it goes THROUGH the spring, not around it, and clips backwards through the throttle slide.

It's very very difficult to explain, and it really must be shown, how it goes - because until you see it done, it doesn't make any sense to explain it.

Anyone nearby who could show him ??

Lemme know if ya need more help,


Re: '94 Tomos sprint won't run

thanks for the info Ree. Since it's not my moped I'm not goin to bother with it and just let my frined take it to the shop. They said that a CDI unit would only cost $60 but whatever. anyways thanks for all the help guys.


Re: '94 Tomos sprint won't run

Reeperette /

Well, you could prolly get the CDI box for about that, but if it's an IDM, the whole unit must be replaced, entire - which goes around 200 bucks.

If it's a Bosch or Iskra...yer ok, also - check the flywheel pin, the ones that come stock, they're too short, and seem to strip way too damned easy, so it could be that as well.


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