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I think I need to change the transmission fluid in my 2001 Tomos Targa, since it makes quite a bit of noise before finally shifting from first to second gear, and it won't shift going uphill. I found the drain plug on the underside of the tranny, but where do you add the new oil? I took off the plastic guards, but still couldn't find a fill point. Do I have to strip off the carb or something? Please help!

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Theres a screw on top of the case where you add fluid

Re: Tomos Tranny

YES !!!!!!

On the side , you have a screw . Remove it and when oil come out, it's full....

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A whining noise is normal and not many will shift while pulling a hill, if it dont shift normaly on level ground you may need to cut groves in the 1st gear clutches only. Doug D.

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You should replace you Transmission fluid every 500 miles. Do not over fill. Replace with 7 oz's of the recommended transmission fluid. Make sure the area around the fill and drain plugs are clean before you loosen.

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