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so I'm still new to mopeds in general and i read a lot of forums but could someone tell me what to exactly look for when I'm trying to tune my carb.... i have an a55 with bi turbo and dell 15.15. a lot of people say to try jetting anywhere from 60 to 80 but how will i know if the jetting is right? so for example how do i distinguish that a 72 jet is better then a 68 act. is their a specific sound? doses it feel different? my biggest worry is that i seize the piston up from it being to hot... never jetted before only have theory of jetting.

Re: jetting in general help and tips

Well with a Dellorto all you can do is change the main jet and adjust idle.

You want one jet size down from "4 stroking". Meaning go big until it cuts out @ w.o.t. at close to top speed. This factor or jet size will change as the atmospheric temp and humidity changes. Colder, denser, dryer air in the fall, winter will require a slightly larger jet (thus more fuel) as compared to the sweltering heat and humidity in the dead of summer that causes the air to be thin. When you four stroke you will know it cause it feels like someone turned off a switch and it quits pulling on top end.

Go big and work down as a precaution. If its too big you will know. After all that you can fine tune doing plug chops and reading plugs (info in wiki). With the carb you have that's not necessary though.

Re: jetting in general help and tips

Don't worry about the heat with a temp gauge.

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