HPI Programmable CDI

Has anyone used one? Thoughts?

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

Waste of money when the regular one does everything 99% of mopeds ever need.

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

It would be fun to switch back and forth just to feel the difference (if any)

But totally impractical agreed with above

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

I gotz, just got the software up and running.

haven't used yet.

I have a programmable cdi with a switch to flip back and forth.

I figure, one curve for retarded curve for good gas mileage

and one for an advanced curve for blasting up hills

good day.

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

I can't wait to see how your ignition changes the air your carb flows and the fuel it mixes to that air. I am really failing to see the connection to mileage at all on a two stroke.

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

not exactly to be more fuel efficient..

just means going easy on the engine, then BAM.... power curve.

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

That I can understand.

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

We're playing with one for our racebike next year. It's kinda dope.

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

grim ripper /

i fucking want one. i've been dreaming of putting some manner of rat trap/cable/ lever thing on my stator plate. then inventing some clever screws that will be loose enough to let my stator plate skooch a few degrees (preset with imaginary set screws) more advanced. so you pretty much got an "exitebike" button. then the rat trap would pull it back to some sensible high rpm blasting advance when you let off the lever, or button. really old engines were like this. cars had an "ignition advance" lever. but yeah. on mopeds, having a hotter timing via lever, or fancy cdi button is raddd. you get your temp gauge out and mash it for a zippy takeoff, but watch your temp gauge, or you have to pull over till it cools off then you can go again. remember the game? you could soft seize that bike a million times and it always was fine after it cooled off. i would make a button that said "turbo" on it for that....

i'm working on an "experimental" e 50 thing soon. a35 top end. porting. 50/50 perhaps. fine with 45 really, but i'm gonna do some smart ass cool guy shit to it. mine's probly gonna be points+crazy rat trappery tho, but i do have a mini rotor that occasionally gets around from bike to bike...

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

grim ripper Wrote:


remember the game? you could soft seize

> that bike a million times and it always was fine

> after it cooled off.

yes, but this is real life and things don't work like that.

Re: HPI Programmable CDI

Only if it could be setup with the thermometer to just always be on it

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