C70 Problems

I have a 1983 C70 (Passport) with only 2200 miles on it.

Everything seems to be fine, but have a couple of concerns:

Gears shift fine, but when I'm at the 38-42 mph range, I seem to hear a SLIGHT grinding like noise/rumbling metal noise.

Also, I know that these little engines get hot - is it normal to, I guess, smell it (just a hot burning (oil?) smell. I check the dipstick All the time, and it's fine. Maybe there is a pinhole in the muffler?

Any help would be great.


Re: C70 Problems

merlin311 /

the gear grinding is cuz you have all three gears right?make sure cuz mine is fine all the way to 50

Re: C70 Problems

merlin311 /

i may or may not be right..ike i believe knows alot about these things...are your gears all stock??

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