Shopping Day

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your moped input!

Tomorrow is shopping day, and thanks to you, I've decided to look at new mopeds; Tomos and Peugeot. I would like one that is quiet, since I live in an apt complex. And, I need to get a REALLY good lock!!

Here's hoping I have good luck tomorrow! This is exciting!


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Geez, nobody answered me! Well, in case you're interested...we went all the way over to the one shop in Phoenix that sells mopeds, and they had only ONE; an Avanti. So, it looks like I am internet shopping.

Re: Shopping Day

chuck russo va /

i have herd some bad things about avanti's, there trannys are locking up last i herd, stick with a tomos and make sure u get oil injection, i have had 2 sprints and mixing gas sucks, with a pipe and speed sproket u will be doing 45 so there pretty quick

Re: Shopping Day

Nope , the Avanti transmissions do not lock up.... they were being sold with carbs that had too small a jet size installed, heating the motor and causing a by spending $3.00 on a proper jet the Avanti back-wheel problem goes away. Avanti and Tomos rate about the same on the cheapieness-quality scale, with Avanti being a less expensive bike that is larger and sturdier bike then the Tomos. It would be a breath of fresh air if a company could start making and selling in the USA good quality-made mopeds again, but for right now our choices are limited to rather 2nd rate vehicles, when compared to the workmanship standards of some of the earler-era mopeds .

Re: Shopping Day

I heard that Tomos were really high quality? Where do you get your info Jimmy?

Re: Shopping Day

Ron Brown /


Sorry, it looked like one of those posts that was info only, as opposed to asking a question.

Too bad on your shopping experience, maybe you should ask if anyone knows anything for sale in your area.


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