Idling problems continued... help!

Hey guys,

back again..

so I've cleaned the carb.... disconnected the oil-injection and hand-mixed a nice 1:43 mix myself and the moped STILL

-needs the choke to start even when hot

-won't idle

I checked and I noticed the "pilot adjustment screw" or idle adjustment screw (the one that restricts airflow on Del-orto carbs) well the end of it is slightly bent

could that be it?

I'm getting very frustrated



Re: Idling problems continued... help!

If it need the choke to start even when hot then something is still restricting the gas flow somewhere in the carb... usually dirt.

Did you use compressed air to BLOW out all the orifices?

I am not that familiar with Dell'Orto's... but there is usually an 'idle speed screw' (to open the slide or butterfly and let more air in)... and there is an 'idle mixture screw' to make the idle richer or leaner.

... If the carb is clean and not damaged than you justa have to play with those two screws till it runs right at idle.

Re: Idling problems continued... help!

Ron Brown /


Can you make it idle by manually holding the throttle open?

Hane you checked for intake air leaks?


Re: Idling problems continued... help!

Yes If I leave the throttle open the right amount it will sort of idle

Re: Idling problems continued... help!

Ron Brown /


The screw with a spring on it, on the side of the carb, has a tapered end which catches the slide and keeps it from closing.

This is exactly the same as holding the throttle cable.

If it won't work, you should be able to look at it and see why.


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