derbi performance upgrades

i'm looking for any ways to increase the top end and the acceleration of my derbi manhattan. any suggestions would be appreciated. does this moped have a governer, and if so how do i get rid of it? if not, why does my engine cut out around 37 mph? Aloha.

RE: derbi performance upgrades

All you need is a j-pipe costs about $8.00 then your derbi should do between 50-55 mph contact

RE: derbi performance upgrades

thanks... i got a hold of, but they don't have any j-pipes for the manhattan... do you know of anywhere else i could get one? thanks

RE: derbi performance upgrades

veryfargone /

you need a racing exhaust. Rose City Motorcycles in Portland have them ins stock for $199.- Ozzie at cycleimports should have told you about it.

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