Tomos help!? oily exhaust pipe

Hey guys I'm back!

here's the update:

Tomos TArga with oil injection

Moped sitting - carburretor just cleaned, plus i added a new spark plug today

Same thing as before - moped needs choke to start and then lots of revs to keep it running / won't idle

-exhaust smoke is very blue

-end of exhaust is literally wet with oil

I'm thinking - too much 2-stroke from the oil injection?

I want to just drain the tank and pre-mix the gas myself.

BUT - I'm still not sure about the RATio - one guy said 1:43, but I use unleaded gas and some people have told me a 1:30 ratio is safer



Re: Tomos help!? oily exhaust pipe

43 to 1 is plenty... many people use 50 to 1

43 to 1 ... is 3 oz oil to 1 gallon gas

Go here and read lots of stuff about it

(gas and oil.. is at the bottom)

Re: Tomos help!? oily exhaust pipe

flannelman /

listen to fred he knows his stuff

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