Maintenance manual - tunturi tiger aqua (1989)

Does anyone know where I can get a maintenance manual for a 1989 Tunturi Tiger Aqua ??

I need the manual in English.



Re: Aqua Tiger?

Never heard of it, but if you have a picture it would sure be a great contribution for the photos section.

Maybe some one might recognize it.


Re: Maintenance manual - tunturi tiger aqua (1989)

G'Day Jim,

I haven't (or rather my boy hasn't) taken a piccies of it yet, but there is one on the 'photos' section of this site:

It's the water cooled version of the Tunturi Tiger.



Re: Maintenance manual - tunturi tiger aqua (1989)

Well, I got a manual covering several mopeds, including the Tiger - but it's in Finnish, so time to use my suomi-englanti dictionary again ...

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