1981 Yamaha Towny

I purchased a white 1981 Yamaha Towny today. It only has 214 miles and is in awesome shape. It is missing one piece above the headlight where it shows all the wiring, anyone have a good website to pick up parts? I am also looking for a new mudflap for the front wheel.

Interested in general discussion as I will probably take it apart this winter and clean it up.

Yahama Towny.jpg

Re: 1981 Yamaha Towny

Jack Rutherford /

I just got one too. Unless someone here has the parts, best bet is probably eBay. Probably same mud flap as qt50.

Re: 1981 Yamaha Towny

I have just purchased one also it's a 81 great ride although I rebuilt and had problems I'm going back in again as we speak.fun times...I got what I needed on eBay just don't buy from China wait really long and usually the parts suck


Re: 1981 Yamaha Towny

Paul Boyer (OFMC) /

Nice find!!! Please post your progress.

Re: 1981 Yamaha Towny

waiting on gaskets and crank seals....blocking off oil injection.....doing a lot to bring back to life. barn find $100 although wasn't running when I got it ran through quickly and put about 50 miles on it before I went for a full rebuild


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