piaggio ciao air filter.


It it necessary to have an air filter on a piaggio ciao? Does anyone have a picture of one? or How may I improvise or buy one quickly (without internet, only hardware or motorcycle store) Thank you!

Re: piaggio ciao air filter.

You need it and it's an item not worth improvising due to the space limitations.

Look at the carb kits for Vespa at 50cc.nl. The airfilters are similar.

Do a search here for "Ciao" and the info on the carbs and air filters has been coverd before.


Re: piaggio ciao air filter.

The air box is a plastic box about the size of a large cigarette package. It has 3 holes in it that i suppose are to a formula that allows just the right amount of air into the carb. The filter is a mesh screen the size of a silver dollarat the carb opening. It stops bugs and dirt particles from entering the carb. bruce

Re: piaggio ciao air filter.

Dan, do you need the air filter element or the whole airbox? I think casey probably has emily's old airbox for her ciao.

Re: piaggio ciao air filter.

I need the whole thing. There is nothing between the carb and the open air. Thanks!

Re: piaggio ciao air filter.

check with casey.....see if he has emily's stock airbox.

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