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david f martin /

My kids visited this weekend and gave me a Leatherman Super Tool for Father's Day... Along with a couple of wrenches, I think this thing could handle just about any repair on my scooter.

I had a Gerber multi-tool at one time, and thought it was cool because I could extract any tool from it with one hand. I always thought the Leatherman tool looked awkward and uncomfortable, but now that I've had a chance to play with it... The tools seem to be of a better quality (forged and machined instead of cast, bigger and heavier), and the handle is much more versatile. Overall, it seems to be a much more simple and heavy duty tool than the Gerber.

I gave my new Leatherman its initiation hooking up the stereo in my daugter's bug, using the wire stripper, the phillips screwdriver, a knife blade and the pliers. I also fashioned an antenna out of a coat hanger with a small loop on the end, so my daugter won't poke her eye out with it (Yeah, I'm protective. Wanna make something of it?)...

This kicks ass! Definitely a biker's tool.


Re: Cool new tool

Matt Wilson /

Another tool that I've found very useful is an impact driver.

You can put a screw bit or a hex socket on it. Then you hit the top with a hammer. It either tightens or loosens the bolt/screw just a little bit (But enough) depending on which direction you have it set for.

With this I can loosen just about any frozen screw...and the best part is it prevents screw heads from getting stripped, because of the great amount of force moving down on the screw head.

I would really reccomend one!


Impact driver

david f martin /

Definitely. I keep one in my toolbox at work. You can even loosen frozen lug nuts with it! Do you keep the impact driver on the bike with you?

I haven't really fixed up a tool kit for my current bike yet.

So far, all I carry is a 4-way screwdriver and a pair of pliers, and a handful of tie wraps. Remove one of the bits on the screwdriver, and the socket fits the bolts on my variator belt cover (I've had to use that one a lot lately). I've thought about one of those bone shaped bicycle wrenches, but they don't really look very sturdy to me... and I always carry a small pocketknife.

Do you think one of those bone wrenches is sturdy enough to remove an axle nut?


Re: Cool new tool

david f martin wrote:

> Yeah, I'm protective. Wanna make something of it?

What ?

<IMG src=""> ;

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