Honda Gyro is alive!!

Steven-NJ /

I have had my '85 Gyro for a few months now. I finally got her going after much work. New battery, throttle cable, mirrors, carb cleaning, starter rebuild, fairings, exhaust head pipe, spark plug wire and rubber harness assembly, and many misc. nuts, bolts, screws, etc. Any way she seems to be in tip-top shape now. I rode her for three straight hours and only stalled once at the tail end of my trip at an extremly quick stop.

So the pipe out of the exhaust manifold that wraps underneath and connects to the muffler is brand new, it appears to have slits in it. I notice a bit of exhaust coming out near there when running. I verified it's not from the seal where it is bolted to the block. Anyone know if this is normal? Thanx Steven

Re: Honda Gyro is alive!!

There are a bunch of Gyro parts for sale on ebay , ends June 23. ...bruce

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is the gyro the 3 wheeled scooter that "tilts" in turns? if so, those are AWESOME how does it handle? it must look kinda funny taking a turn. i love those things, they look like a spaceship outta an 80s scifi movie!


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I've never riden a Gyro, but I did ride a BSA Ariel 3 and it was a hindged bike wihth the two back wheels staying flat on the road. You noticed something didn't feel the same going around curves and I tended to slow down just to be safe. bruce

Re: Honda Gyro is alive!! to-garret

Douglas, James /

It does look funny as hell! But the only person i saw ride it was 6'2",230lbs, and covered in tats. He looked rediculous. I have rode several honda scooters, mopeds, and Tomos mopeds. This Gyro is the most fun I have ever had on a bike. I get screams, honks, waves, thumbs ups, stares and everything else from just about everybody.

Re: Honda Gyro is alive!!

Douglas, James is steven-nj(so /

Thanx Bruce. I looked tonight 6/19@9:30pm, there is also now two honda gyro complete bikes there also. I nearly gizzed when the search got done loading!

bruce, I agree totally.

steven-nj /

I definetly have been going slow around corners. It doesn't feel much different from a two wheeler, just a little more fun. I can't resist the urge to just wave back and forth as I ride it.

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