Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

After starting the "Calling All Allstate Mopeds" Thread It became quickly evident there is little information available on the Model Number Sequence, Information and their applicable years.

Going under the assumption that the frame numbers were stamped in sequential order, I thought it might shed some light if we were to begin to correlate some of this information.

I have started a spreadsheet where I can input the info as I gather it and will make available.

I am looking for the following info from Allstate Mopeds Owners.

Serial Number Stamped on Frame

Model Number on Plate (810.940XX)


Believed Year of Moped

I hope to eventually begin to develop a Known Serial Number range for the different models and perhaps get a clue of the Model Number Sequence.

If you are hesitant to publicly post your Peds Serial Number you can PM the info to me or leave the last digit an "X" in the serial number.

I have already put mine in and gathered 2 mopeds with info off of eBay, If you find a pic of any others online that show the info we want please submit it.

Please keep this limited to the Sears Allstate Mopeds ...the 810.940XX Models.


Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

I'll head to the shed, and start snappin' some pics.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

My Ped's #s.....

810-94010 Eng & chassis match at 6450844

810-94250 " " " 6601115

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Thanks Ken yours are added,

Just to confirm # 660115 is model # 810.94"2"50 not 810.94"0"50 ?

Are They Both Red & Cream Colored?

What has your understanding of the years for each been?

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Looking forward to adding your

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers


I never had the original motor to the 6159133, but I do have one other spare case for it. These are both originally maroon color. A previous owner brush-painted the light blue. (edited)

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers


My very first Allstate. ^ I must have put near 10,000 miles on it.


My daily rider. ^


Newer style motor, but internal coil.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers


My brother's ^ bike.


My wife's ^ DeLuxe.

We also have the original leg shields for this.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

The ..250 is the DeLuxe. It is maroon with chrome.. like my wife's that I posted here below.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

i have the ms 60 1963 i believe.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers


model #810.94020

Serial #66760XX

Believed to be 1960 or earlier

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

I'm starting to think the 020's are earlier than the 010's.

Doesn't yours have the older style motor, but with the external coil?

Where my 020 has the later motor and internal coil. Both my 010's have the external coils, but all the rest of mine are internal. My motor numbers on my 020 are way off of yours too. See? --the more ya look, the more of a mystery it becomes! hahahaa oh my goodness.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

DeeZy, you are right I was really hoping that th e stamped Frame numbers would follow logic of earliest production/ Earliest FameNumbers and then indicate a range of serial numbers for each model and thus model sequence. .....But I am starting to believe your thoughts of some other Model # motivation State Approved or ????

I am thinking your keen eye for some of the Parts differences may be necessary to get a better handle (if even possible) on Year/Model Differences.

I may go back to each of you and ask fro further Info...

I have Identified by your comments and my own observations a the following few key parts differences. (Should I consider more DeeZy?)

Engine (Old Style / New Style)

Coil (Internal / External)

Shocks (Old Style / New Style)

Rack (Simple-Cream / Chrome w Spring)

Headlight Wiring (In Tube / Exposed w Gromets)

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Deezy, the eBay one (050 model) that is about to end in 5 hours as of this post (and only at $82..Wow)...

Early Shocks or Later Shocks missing the Top Finishing Pieces?

Does the Tool Cover look Cream vs Chrome to you? every one I have seen has been chrome but looks like original Cream colored to my old eyes?

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

That's the newer motor, but the older shocks, on the 050 there. I have seen some with painted chrome. It is odd. Wheels too. Always the cream white when I see it. I am pretty sure the wheels were originally painted white, on the few I have seen. I'm not sure about the tank top though. I think I've seen it done to the hardtail versions... and I think they mighta came without a speedometer, and also a bell instead of a horn.

Upon looking at it again; I think the paint on the usually chromed parts is original. It sure looks worse over time though. My shocks on my 020 are painted like that too, so is my top cover, and so are the wheels. The front shocks have the usually chromed top part painted white as well. It almost looks like the white is brighter than the cream color just a bit.

That 050 is near identical to my 020. (edited)

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Hmmmm, I've never noticed one with all the headlight wiring inside. Everyone I have, and remember seeing; the wiring comes out of the top of the rear of the headlight housing, and goes into the handlebar tube, with grommets (if they haven't rotted out) and about 3 or so inches exposed.

The older style motors have a smaller fan cover. Round. The shrouding is also thinner, and more complicated. Usually dented and scratched up easier. I am not positive if they all had a decompressor valve, but I think they all did, due to the bigger pedal gearing. When you pedal the older style, you can really get the bike up and moving!

The newer style motor has the larger fan cover, and has a small "bite" out of one side to accommodate the pedal shaft. The shrouding is thicker, and can polish up very nice. It also comes off and goes on real easy. No decompression valve. The pedalling is small geared, and even in 2nd gear, you could barely pedal the bike fast enough to make it worth the effort. This is why they had the valve on the older style, as it was harder to get it turning over while starting. It also works as a kill switch, but when you squeeze it in when you first pedal, it makes it easier, and then pop it closed as you actually start it.

The older motor has a larger pedalling fulcrum.

My current daily rider 010, has a kill switch. It's on the same box as the horn button, and matches the horn button. My other 010 never had that. My 020 also has one. This would make the wiring slightly different than the ones without a kill switch.

Another thing too; the maroon bikes had maroon rear racks, same style as those cream colored ones you have seen on the red/cream bikes.

The larger newer shocks have a bullet-shaped top, as the older ones have an exposed grease zerk. The older ones allow the bike to sit about an inch or so lower. My wife likes that, as her DeLuxe has the older style ones.

Tanks too. The old maroon tanks were slightly smaller, and a little bit squarer. Hard to see much difference, but there is a tiny bit. The tops on the tanks are also different. The older ones have 3 raised stripes going lengthways as the newer style has a V shape in it. They also differ slightly in size and shape, but barely.

I am not too up on the blue and white bikes, and their differences. I have seen their wiring is better. Better headlight bulb sockets, etc. I also have noticed they have a different transmission case, without a dipstick. Instead; they only have an overflow plug hole.

I think some Allstates may have even been sold new with an extra airbox, that mounts to the side of the frame. I like those, and still want a couple of'em. Supposedly the DeLuxe was sold with them, but I don't think ours ever had one. I think the blue and white ones eventually had sidepipes too, but I'm not sure about that. Oh, and the DeLuxe has the newer style tank, but with chrome and maroon.

The 1st year mopeds had a simple tail light without a brake light. Just one bulb, and was a more oval shape on the back, like a mini late 50's VW Beetle. They sold replicas of these at Motor West for awhile. I wanted to get a couple while they had them, but missed out. As far as I know they only had them on the 000's, and possibly not even all of them. The one of mine that was painted light blue had one. (edited)

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers


The only reason I think mine is 1960 or older is because of this pic. It's listed as a 1961 Sears catalogue scan and if you zoom in on the luggage rack option it states will fit 1960 or earlier mopeds.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

So the small racks would be 1960 or before, is what this kinda means, I'd think.. The DeLuxe is a 1958, and has the larger rack, but it's a totally different animal.

You may be on to something!

Another Year Hint

I have also stated this a few times, but I'm not sure people know what I mean.

I wish I could show one with a year, but this is my only loose cylinder at the moment, and it's an old aftermarket 38.5 or 39mm overbore, I think... anyway; many cylinders have an actual year cast into them. 4 digits, too... like "1958." or whatever.

I can't remember for absolute positive which side of the cylinder though.

It's about where the "TRM" is on this casting, near the base. I've seen more than one with years on them, but they are very hard to see unless it's extremely clean, and maybe even pulled off. -But I'd think just having the shrouding off would help alot. Still, it's really hard to see them unless it's like totally clean.

Of course this would mean the year that the cylinder was cast, which could make the bike older than that still, but probably not by more than a year, I'd think, from when the bike was assembled and ready for sale.


Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Holy crap ...My head is spinning...Here is the Headlight Wiring Tube I referred to,


I gotta figure out how to wrap my head around this info...

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

This probably doesn't mean much, but my painted 000 has the tag on the left side, and i forgot where the frame numbers are, but I think they're in an odd spot too. I tried to see them yesterday, but it's the farthest back bike in my shed, and I had to crawl through others just to get what I did. The other 000 has the tag on the right, like most others and has the frame stamp in the same place too.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Way weird. I know I have never seen one of those before.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Now you say you have seen 2...


What is the thing on the right side of engine (Green Arrow) ?

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Did you Notice in Accessory #2 Crash Bar...."Required by law in Arkansas"

Maybe another hint of "State Approved" Model numbers? I rally didn't realize they cared that much back in late 50's early 60's...hell cars didn't even need seat belts until 1968...

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Wow.. now I'll start noticing them. hahahaa

I can't make out the photo well enough to see what you're talking about. I see a pedal. Behind that it does appear to have something odd, on this side of the clutch arm, but I just can't see it well enough to even guess.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Yep, and I've dealt with a guy who really tried to trade his set of those for our leg shields. No way. I hate the looks of the bars anyway, and he kept telling me how cool they were.

I'd love to find a good pair of the hard saddlebags though...


Pretty sure Sears made these just for the Allstates.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Yea kinda low res pic, but since I was posting for the HL Tube thought I throw the question out there.

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

Yes Ed, it's 810.94250 with chrome tank, metal too boxes, all the fancy stuff

Allstate Moped or  (VS50 L).jpg

Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

This is the 810.94010


Re: Allstate Moped - Serial & Model Numbers

So I think the solid maroon were first, then the red/cream with small rack, then hardtails and the deluxe over laps as it has features from all three. As for the blue I have no clue but I do know there is at least one out there that is painted and not original.

And the green arrow I think it's just pointing to the peddle and/or declutching lever

Also I'd really like a set of those saddle bags too. Or the style the deluxe and other Puch mopeds have, they'd be handy!

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