Safari/Casal Moped

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Anyone remember the Safari or Casal Mopeds ?

A buddy once had a Safari, and according to him it had a 5 speed transmission.

Seen him on it and it could move pretty good, but I've not seen once since.

Also, the Casal, which I have respected ever since a stock Casal mopped the floor with my 'ped on a 2 mile flat-level sprint run.

Haven't seen one of those in a while either.

Anyone know anythin about them ?


RE: Safari/Casal Moped

nope, i haven't. you heard of a milani, or a nisa moped?

RE: Safari/Casal Moped

hey on this form some one was talking about a colt moped know anything about them. I think it was under the one that say "please read!" just thought i'd say something about it.


Re: Safari/Casal Moped

I've got a casal moped, if you want to know nore about it e-mail me.

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