High Speed Wobble?

I have a 1983 Passport C70 with 2110 miles on it.

The bike runs beatifully and all bolts, etc. are tightened down.

I'm not a speed freak or anything, but when I get going over 35mph, it seems like the front-end shakes a little. I have a new tire, proper air and the brakes are not grinding.

I checked all the bolts and they haven't loosened at all. I know my bike has plenty more power to over 35mph, but get kinda nervous about the wobble.

Any suggestions on what to look for - or if this is a common problem, please let me know.


Re: High Speed Wobble?

kasey, check to see if your front rim is bend somewhere. it might be that. wait for all the experts though.maybe wheel bearing are shot!!!!!!!!

Re: High Speed Wobble?

Yeah... bent rim ?

Tire way out of balance ?

Tires inflated correctly ?

Steering head bolt loose ?

Front wheel to rear wheel misalignment ? ... (usually from a crash where the rider hit something with the front wheel .. hard)

Problems like these are pretty hard to track down Kasey... pretty hard to do it with words on the net.

... but that wheel misalignment (from a crash) is pretty likely after all the basics have been checked and eliminated.

Re: High Speed Wobble?

hey there... i think that situation has happened to mine.... the front fender screws actually rub against the tire and it wobbles at low and high speed...how the hell do i fix a problem like that???

Re: High Speed Wobble?

I noticed you said " I have a new tire". did it seat properly ?bruce

Re: High Speed Wobble?

bend your fender to how you want it. It's ghetto, but when it gets bent in the first place (like in an accident, knocked over, etc) bending it back is the only way.

it could eventually pop your tire, or cause excessive wear. so i'd get a shorter screw or bend the fender.

Re: High Speed Wobble?

Ron Brown /


I am sure I am going to repeat other answers.

Check bearings, wheels, steering head, swing arm.

Check both wheels for round and true.

Check front/rear wheel alignment, vertical and horizontal.

Check chain and sprockets for run-out, stretch, etc.

If you do not know how to do any of these things, ask.


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