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Read your problem with the jerk who stopped, kicked your moped, and then tried to do you bodily harm. Too bad about the charges, but it is a good thing that got charges filed against him. This gives your Public Defender something to work with. If your trial goes first the jerk may decide to take the 5th. So who is to testify against you?

But be careful and listen to your Public Defender, he knows the system and the risks. After all if this jerk does decide to testify and is better at telling a lie than you are at telling the truth you could be convicted.

Lots of luck.

Please note that a public defender is probably the best criminal defence attorney that there is. Criminal defence is all that they do, so they get really good at it. Public Defenders sometimes get a bad rap for pleading cases out. But in my experience this mainly comes from defendants who think that a "good attorney" can get them off the charges, when there is nothing short of magic that can get them out of the charges. From what you have indicated your Public Defender has something to work with. Maby not perfect, since it may depend on if the jerk is a better liar than you are at telling the truth. So, listen to your Public Defender.

By the way. The Cop sounds like he was being kind of cool about the whole thing. Disarming the situation rather than mecanicly writing a citation.

Kevin Harrell

Attorney at Law

Re: HEY! Wayne

Oh, yes-- the cop was a really nice guy.

One thing, though... I just might decide to follow though with PRESSING charges. A defender won't prosecute--

I'm a career student, and I get a free lawyer from USM. He can both defend me and help me prosecute to get charges to stick on the goober who decided to get out of his car, approach me and my moped, and start a fight.

The fight could not have happened if he didn't pull over, get out, and rush over to me. That, for me, is where a lot of the case hinges. Under those conditions, who wouldn't be ready to defend themselves?

If he felt threatened..... I guess he should have kept driving, and called the cops... of course that would have made no sense.

When and if this case goes to court.... the D.A. is going to have to decide if it's even worth going through a trial. There's a lot more important cases to get to---real crimes.

Thanks for the advice. The guy who acts as the school attourney is awesome.... helped me out before.... The cop isn't even going to go to court-- just sumbit a report of the 'scene' from when he arrived.

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