How do I get a title

Ken DeKing /

I Have seen in ads for used mopeds that say they don't have a title but it is easy to get a new title, but never any details on how to do it. Can anyone spell this out for me, exactly how could I get a new title for a moped, or any other bike, when the seller can't supply one? Ken

RE: How do I get a title

Simon King /

this depends on what state you live in. in michigan you don't really need a title, you just go in with the VIN and you can register it. i know that in PA you need a title - try emailing - he has delt with this issue before.

RE: How do I get a title

I got a title by going to . For 75 bucks they'll give you a new hampshire title, and with that you can get a title for whatever state you're in. For me, in Illinois, the whole thing ended up being pretty expensive. 75 for its's title, 85 for illinois title and plates + 25 illinois tax, plus 71 for six months liability insurance. Not to mention the pain in the ass the secretary of states office was when i brought in the new hampshire title..

RE: How do I get a title

I live in NJ. What I did, I went to the DMV and asked them how to get a title for a Moped that was given to me. All I needed was a notorized letter stating how I got the moped and that I wanted to register it. I went back to the DMV with a notorized letter and walked out of the DMV with the title and the registration. I think it was 28 dollars total.

RE: How do I get a title

In Wisconsin you have to get a letter from person you got it from telling why no title. And letter from you telling how you got it. Take pictures and get it's VIN # verified by state patrol. Get a DMV check to see if it was ever titled in WI or if it was ever stolen this costs $3.00. Then send it all in and wait. It's lots of paper work and running around but only costs $3.00 more than if you had the original title. I've done this for 2 of my 5 mopeds. Go to your DMV and ask, be sincere, hopfully you will get an understanding clerk to help you. Good Luck Scott

RE: How do I get a title

like michael said will get you a title within a week. it is a bit on the expensive side but it will get you on the road. for them to do it though the moped has to be 1988 and older for some reason. i tried to get a title for an 89 derbi i got from a kid in new jersey and the pennsylvania/new jersey both refused to help me make it legal since i had no title nor any cooperation from the original owner hence no chance to have anything notarized, at least not within the realm of legal activity. it sucks because it's for this low-powered two wheeled vehicle that is almost impossible to get hurt or hurt anyone else on ($120 a year for insurance is cheap but then you think, moped) but in the end, you're on the road so what it took to get there doesn't so much matter, just that you're there is what counts.

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