Hey Folks its me again.

Ree - you were right about the u clip in the tranny. all is fine now. However in the process of checking everything out tonight, I have found that my magneto/flywheel is completely screwed by previous owner. Two magnets are trashed and out of the flywheel and the base plate for the points and condensers is busted. Where the Hell do I find these parts??????? I am willing to purchase any used parts off of someone out there.......HELP!!!


Reeperette /

Go to your local friendly Honda Cycle shop.

Most Honda dealers keep at least an arms-length dialogue with Tomos, and many carry the 'peds themselves, even if they don't put em on the floor till summer.

If that doesn't work, and you can't seem to find somewhere that carries em, you could try running down cycle shop listings with a yellow pages (let yer fingers do the walkin..) or some of the places mentioned in the 'Resource' links of this site.

If you don't get anywhere then, for whatever reason, just email yer zip code to the addy you see here, and I will find you someone who does myself.

If possible, when visiting the Honda guys, bring the parts and SHOW them to the folks, cause I've gotten many a screwup where the part ordered did not match the part it was replacing (for some reason, this happens a lot with tail lights/brackets), and it's always best that they know exactly what it SHOULD look like in case the picture in the order book doesn't match up.

Best of luck, dude.



Ree - thanks

The 3-4 Honda shops around here are telling me it is a 7-8 wk wait time on all the parts. Plus Im looking at 150+ bucks. I found a couple places online that have the new CDI ignition sets for about the same price. Tomos parts are hard to come by here in this part of VA for some reason. However did talk to a guy today who used to work at a moped repair shop here locally. I found him through a list of contacts. He mentioned a brand name ZEM that carrys compatible parts for TOMOS. Ever heard of these guys??

Thanks again. I will give you an update later.



Reeperette /

Give moped junkyard a howl, should find em in resource links.

You could also try hitting a cycle swap meet.



Hey found the parts locally!!! yeah yeah!! Found a Harley dealer here who runs a salvage yard for old bikes and he just happed to have an old tomos on the lot for parts!

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