puch 2 horse power

if you have a puch moped there is a good chance that its 1.5 horse power 1 or 2 speed which well tuned should top out at 25

you can make any puch moped hit 30 with good take off by upgrading to 2 horse power

the conversion consist of:

taking the head gasket out (shortening the cylinder)

replacing the carb manifold from a 12 to a 14 mm

changing the jet holder from a 22.2 to a 21.2

uping the jet size from 48-56 to 58 to 66 (whatever gives you the best performance)

take out the tube in the airfilter box

and lastly drill a second hole in the muffler about an inch in front of the existing one

all of these mod can be done with stock puch parts that are still readily available and as a set under 50 dollars and in most state are still within the laws

puchs are as fast as any other mopeds when you convert them

swarm and destroy


RE: puch 2 horse power

Can the same thing be done if it's a 1 hp Puch? Is there anything else that will bring the 1 hp up to present standards?

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