Help with friends ped

hey everyone,

Me and Columbia ped like he said did an engine swap on his Puch. Got everything mounted up, pulled the clutch, gave it a kick......BOOM came to life. But when it did it made this nasty sound. We turned it off immediatly. Then we started it up agin and narowed the sound down to the clutch. It makes like this.....REALLY LOUD....scraping sounds and stuff. Its not the piston and cyclnder, were sure of that. Not the flywheel rubbing th points, not the flywheel cover. And there pleanty of fluid in the tranny. What caould be causing this? Anyone ever had thins problem before? The clutch isnt worn out or anything. Still pleanty there and it was good and clean before we but it back togeather. Also, what kind of fluid should be used in the Puch 2hp tranny?


Trac man

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