More mopeds: OH or MI

Some of the Michigan folks have commented on the lots and lots of mopeds in Ohio, but I'd say that Michigan has just as many, if not more. I saw more mopeds in Kalamazoo than I ever have in Cincinnati.

I know a lot of the Cincinnati mopeders have 2 mopeds, but there are barely 10 of us. And more people are considering joining, but we can't find (cheap) mopeds for them.

Someone needs to discover a barn full of mopeds so we can have some new members. Or dig up that "buried" stock of mopeds in Kalamazoo...

Re: More mopeds: OH or MI

PeaShooter /

Oh ya well.... my dad can beat your dad up!

and...and...and... yeah.......

Re: More mopeds: OH or MI

we get the kzoo mopeds from all over ... and ... mostly from ohio. dan and simon got there first mopeds in pennsylvania. carrie drove to new york to get her red sachs. i went to cleveland to get my vespa. and i think someone went w/ carrie to wisconsin, too.

Re: More mopeds: OH or MI

wow, that is some travelling.

Kevin in Dayton does a good job scouring the area to get 'peds, too.

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