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I just picked up a Tomos moped. It is my third ped. The other two are sachs and Yamaha. WHat is the correct procedure for starting a Tomos? Pedaling backwards seems to give me the compression I need. Are the pedals there for reverse kick starting only or do they work in forward position for pedaling like a bike and other mopeds?? Am I missing a lever somewhere?? THanks folks!!

RE: TOMOS STARTING and Operation

Luis Anaya /


Proper method of starting a Tomos moped is by backpedaling. In the mornings I press the choke and backpedal on stand, I then trottle up until I disengage the choke and let it warm up for a couple of minutes. Yes, make sure that you move your fuel line to on. Then when it is warm I pedal up and backpedal to start.

Luis Anaya

RE: TOMOS STARTING and Operation

Hey thanks Luis

This "basket case" doesnt seem to want to pedal forward. It just clicks loudly. Any other ideas on what that is? is there an engage lever for that? It will back pedal or kickstart fine.

THanks John

RE: TOMOS STARTING and Operation

Reeperette /

There's a piece inside the transmission that sometimes slips out of place, and it can cause that, also, there is a small chain in there that could have broken.

We've addressed this, with some useful advice, in another thread, as well.

Scroll down to the bottom and click "Older Messages", then look for the Thread titled "head gasket" which will be near the bottom of that screen.

That dude had a similar problem, and you may wish to e-mail him and see how he handled it, and possibly find out if you have the same problem.

Let us know if ya need more help than that.


RE: TOMOS STARTING and Operation

Ree -

Thanks much for the quick reply!! This site is great. Nice to find a place finally that I can converse with other ped owners. I will check the other listing for tips.

THanks again


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