I am John Travolta!

its true. and why the fuck is my cylender ringing!!!!!!

Re: I am John Travolta!

You must have dropped your cell phone in the gas tank.

Re: I am John Travolta!

Ron Brown /


I have a ringing in my ears too, but if I talk to a doctor about it, I will not label it as a part of my identity crisis. I will also have to tell him a few more details, like when does it happen, does it change with rpm, can you describe it better, does it change with engine temp.?

Given that this is a restart of an old thread, what kind of ped and how did the problem start?

Anythig else you can think of that may help.


Re: I have that ringing too.

Mine is at 25-30mph, I have a 1980 puch magnumII with a 70cc Kit. It did it before the kit as well.

Re: I have that ringing too.

Miss Olivia Sanders /

Dear John,

do you have any nude pics of you on your peddy you could send a lonely Saturday Night Fever fan?

Re: I am John Travolta!

I don't know but my cousin is a lobsterman in Kennebunk, and I've visited there a lot. My aunt moved to Portsmouth recently, too. It's nice up there.

I also have a cousin who's a hippie in Portland.

stop misrepresenting me!

john travolta /

If you thought I was angry after seeing battlefield earth, it was nothing compared to the utter rage I experienced when I noticed this "benny" impersonating me.

"benny", you only wish you could look as good as I do on a moped (see attached photo).

Sincerely yours,

John Travolta


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