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Hey guys Ron mostly I did the checks on getting the spark, and I now have spark!!! NOW I put gas into the tank, and tried to start it up, and gas was coming out of everywhere. The jet was bubbling gas. I have a carb that has two pipes coming up from the carb. One is the fuel inlet, but the other is to the outside left of the carb, looking at it from the fuel valve side. Gas was coming out of this thing too. I think it has to be plugged. I did take the carb apart and clean it, but I believe I was careful in reassembly? We are getting closer to success. any advice?

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jack garcia /

My carb is the carb on the moped junkyard site, the float cover on the left diagram, the guertner 50V. 1979 Motobecane Mobylette.

Re: motobecane carb

maybe the loat needle is stuck , or worn out, and the gas flow isn't automatically shut off when the carb is full.

Re: motobecane carb

Ron Brown /


Toehead is correct. You may even have put the float in upside down. Pull it out and check it, the pointed end goes up.


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Hey, I had this a little bit ago.... I had the gasket/"o" ring in the wrong spot in the float bowl. Make sure it's right around the top of the bowl....mine slid down on the float when I put it back together. It the float got stuckand the gas poured just poured out.


p.s. Nice Bike...I have a '75

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